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Research Histology Core



Research Resources Center (RRC) cores are back on campus to provide services and access to shared equipment (when possible), there are new guidelines issued by each core due to COVID19. Please reference each core’s new user guidelines before requesting services, projects, or scheduling equipment. All questions or inquiries must be sent by email to respective core.


Overview of Services 

The Research Histology Core (RHC) is a part of the UIC Research Resources Center. RHC mission is to provide high-quality and high-throughput routine and advanced histology services, such as:

  • Tissue processing, embedding, and sectioning (FFPE, frozen samples, cell pellets and 3D cell cultures)
  • Direct chemical stains (e.g., H&E, Trichrome, PAS, toluidine blue, and others)
  • Immunohistochemistry with chromogenic detection for up to two targets
  • Immunohistochemistry with immunofluorescence detection of 1-3 targets using standard Alexa-dyes detections systems
  • Simultaneous detection of up to 6 targets using tyramide signal amplification detection (PerkinElmer Opal® dyes)
  • ISH/RNAScope assays
  • Microtome and cryostat training
  • Antibody optimization and new assay development

The core offers consultations on project design, antibody selection for immunohistochemical staining, multiplex panel design, and ISH/RNAscope assays. Please contact the core director, Maria Sverdlov (, to schedule a consultation. Pathology consultations are available upon request through the collaboration with the Department of Pathology clinical and research faculty. RHC collaborates with Research Tissue Imaging core on projects requiring advanced staining and digital image analysis. If you are interested in brightfield and fluorescent slides scanning and imade analysis, please visit RTIC iLab Page

Samples Submission

RHC has set up a contactless samples drop-off and pick-up at the locations mentioned below. Samples can be dropped off or picked up at any convenient time. Please make sure to label your samples with RHC number generated by iLab and to submit a copy of an iLab-generated sample submission form when dropping off your samples. Turnaround time depends on the amount and size of the orders we receive each day. If you have a time-sensitive project, please inquire about the turnabout time when placing an order. Turnabout time for projects involving large number of samples (over 100 blocks), antibody optimization, new assay development, and advanced image analysis will be discussed during the consultation. When picking up your samples, please make sure to sign them off on the sign-out sheet.

Type of Sample



FFPE blocks and slides

Samples for paraffin embedding

MSB E-316

Drop off area is on the left side of the lab. Please leave printed iLab forms and labeled containers in the designated trays.

Pick-up area is on the right side. Please remember to sign off your samples on the sing out sheet.

Frozen samples

MSB E-312

RHTIC -80°C freezer3rd shelf from the bottom.

Drop off- blue bins. Please leave printed form in the magnetic folder.

Pick-up- yellow bins. Please remember to sign off your samples on the sign out sheet.

Antibodies and Probes

MSB E-316

4C/-20C Fridge 

Leadership and Staff Directory

Maria Sverdlov, PhD
Core Director

Carlo Murga-Zamalloa, MD
Academic Director


Yoselyn Flores
Research Specialist


Carlos Ramirez

Patty Mavrogianis



General questions about sample preparation, pricing, turnaround time, and equipment scheduling should be directed to:

Assay design, Multiplex panels, RNAScope, Cost Estimates, Contracts - Maria Sverdlov (
General, FFPE, IHC - Manny Alonso (
Cryosectioning, Special Stains, Equipment training - Carlos Ramirez (
Sterile sectioning, TUNEL – Patty Mavrogianis (

Location and Hours of Operation

RHC is located on the UIC West Campus in Medical Sciences Building (835 S. Wolcott Ave, Rm E311, E316, and E319, Chicago, IL60612 (Map))

We are open from 9am until 6pm during the regular work days. 

Links and Resources

  1. Research Histology Core Informational Site
  2. Getting Started Help Site


Name Role Phone Email Location
Maria Sverdlov, PhD
(312) 355-0177
MSB E311

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