COVID-19 UPDATE:  June 3, 2020

As of June 8th, Research Resources Center (RRC) cores will begin to work on all projects and services as well as open shared equipment schedules. There will be new guidelines issued by each core due to COVID19 for the use of shared equipment, sample drop off, etc. We expect delays for new projects and services due to the collection of backlogs, and we kindly ask for your patience and understanding during this transition time. Please reference each core’s new user guidelines before requesting services, projects, or scheduling equipment. All questions or inquiries must be sent by email and/or scheduled by phone call/video conference call to respective core.


Overview of Services

The OVCR RRC IT Support provides complete IT support for all of the services/facilities within the RRC. We also provide IT services, mainly infrastructure and application designing to cross colleges and centers.


We provide guidance on the best practices on hosting services, data analysis and purchasing of hardware. We maintain the computers and peripherals from the desktops in the staff offices, the workstations that collect instrument data, to the servers that run the RRC websites and its web-based applications (e.g. Reports, Data portal etc). We provide business intelligence dashboards for management to make the best decisions on instruments usage and revenue and budget analysis. Outside of our normal day-to-day duties, we also often provide computing services to many of the RRC's customers who may need computer repair/maintenance, data recovery, network support, training and consulting. The OVCR RRC IT Support also provides solutions to research problems and scientific endeavors that require advanced computing tools.


Cody Hasty Systems Administrator  312-996-2919 chasty2@uic.edu

Location and hours of operation

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1819 West Polk Street
 CMW 344
 Chicago, IL. 60654

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