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Research Tissue Imaging Core

Overview of Services

The Research Tissue Imaging Core (RTIC) is supported by the Department of Pathology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The RTIC's mission is to provide high-quality and high-throughput digital microscopy imaging services for reproducible, automated analysis of tissue morphological characteristics and biomarkers expression in human and animal tissue. The core offers consultations on image analysis approaches as well as training on laser capture microdissection and NanoString nCounter SPRINT.  Pathology consultations are available upon request through the collaboration with the Department of Pathology clinical and research faculty.

General questions about sample preparation, pricing, turnaround time, and equipment scheduling should be directed to:

Imaging - Ryan Deaton (
LCM, TMA and pathology consultation - Virgilia Macias (

Imaging Services:
• Brightfield whole slide digital scans of fixed or frozen tissue and cytological samples at 20x or 40x magnification.
• Visualization and annotation of slides with a free image viewer (Leica Aperio ImageScope®)
• Image analysis using machine learning and stain quantification
• Analysis of tissue microarrays (TMAs)
• Analysis of multiplexed targets in a single slide using conventional fluorescent dyes or Opal® tyramide signal amplification technology (Akoya Biosciences) at 10x, 20x and 40x magnification
• Training on Vectra 3 and image analysis software packages (Indica Labs Halo®, Definiens Tissue Studio®, Akoya inForm, Leica Aperio Image Analysis Framework, MatLab)
• NanoString nCounter SPRINT data collection and training

Laser Capture Microdissection Services:
• Training on use of Leica LMD7000 LCM instrument
• Training on identification of regions of interest on tissue slides using H&E or toluidine blue stained slides or images

Tissue Microarray Services:
• Design consulation 
• TMA construction

Samples are accepted anytime in MSB-E316.  Please leave your samples on the cart.  You must have an order in iLabs to leave your sample.  Please label the sample box with the project number and requester.   

Turnaround time for brightfield scanning is usually 48 hours. If you have a time-sensitive project, please inquire about the turnabout time when placing an order. Advanced image analysis projects need to be discussed at the time of submission. 


Peter Gann, MD, ScD
Academic Director
(312) 355-3723


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location



College of Medicine Research Building
909 S. Wolcott Ave Rm 6094
Chicago, IL 60612


Links and Resources

  1. Department of Pathology at UIC
  2. Research Resource Center at UIC


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ryan Deaton

COMRB 6094